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Restaurant Menu Covers

When you go to a restaurant, the very first thing that creates a huge impact is always the menu card (apart from the ambiance and interiors of course). Clean menu covers portray a very professional image of a restaurant/hotel/caf. So, if youre into the restaurant/caf business, you should consider getting an impressive menu cover to boost up sales and popularize your brand image.

Classy Menu Covers with Leatherette and Metal Corner Tabs

Whether you want Deluxe Restaurant Menu Covers with leatherette or fabric binding, clear panels and metal corner tabs, or the economy restaurant menu covers with Cafe style menu covers, economy priced, and polished clear menu panels, were very much up to the challenge to provide you with the very best.

We also offer stock and custom sizes, so youre not limited to choose from only the standard sizes. We are also experts in making case-bound menu covers for formal dining, and the fine dining menu covers with finished and turned edges to match the looks of the most luxurious dining rooms.

If you wish to try something new, probably the flexible Leatherette Menu Covers may suit your needs. On the other hand, you may also try out our 100% pure leather menu covers made upon of cured genuine animal skin, mixed with black imitation silk moir, latex and inner lining.

Showcase your Business

For those whore interested in showcasing their business identity like trademark logo or an elegant picture of dining room recessed into a small window, the case made menu covers with window cuts on the front cover are ideal options.

Moreover, the table top card holders are also quite popular these days, which allow you to display a number of cards at a time, and promote all your business offerings at once.

Our Offerings

Heres a

Apr 29

New Generation Restaurant Supplier

In todays world, many people are turning towards the restaurant business for a lucrative opportunity. However, before any profits can be raked in, expenses have to be covered. Usually the best possible solution is to work with certain vendors of restaurant supplies at an affordable cost. Whether its a grand opening of a franchise restaurant, or an opening to a new corner sandwich shop, a restaurant supply store can fulfill all your needs.

Why bother and waste valuable time shopping for hundreds of items at different locations when there are businesses out there catering to restaurant owners all around the globe? Not only will you have the convenience of a one stop shop when visiting these specialized restaurant supply stores, you will also be ensured top quality when purchasing any item due to their only focus of restaurant supplies. Before purchasing any item, be sure to do some competitive research before deciding on which restaurant supplier to commit to. Keep in mind, not all restaurant suppliers offer premium quality at wholesale prices.

When the average person thinks of “Restaurant Supply,” usually what are linked are only plastic forks and spoons. While these items are available for purchase, restaurant suppliers also have virtually every kitchen/restaurant supply needed to start a food service store from the ground up.

If you are worried that the theme of your store might be a little different and difficult to find products for, not to worry because some restaurant supply stores even cater specifically to Chinese restaurants and concession stores. The goal of every Restaurant Supply store is to create a loyal customer base that repurchases on a monthly basis. In order to capture this ideal list, reliable and trustworthy services are created and maintained. Furthermore, some restaurant supply stores have gone the extra mile catering to smaller

Apr 28

Food preservation goes multicolour with Frigoverre Fun

Bormioli Rocco’s line of food containers unites vivacious colours with practicality and versatility

Food preserving has never been such fun. Frigoverre Fun, the Bormioli Rocco line of glass food storage containers, combines pleasure in colour with practicality in function.

They’re decorated with a subtle but lively floral motif, and they bring the energy of orange, blue and green onto the shelves in the fridge and the storage cupboard. But it would be a shame to keep them shut away in the fridge: their youthfully cheerful design goes perfectly at a picnic with friends, for a quick lunch break, or as serving dishes bringing their unmistakeable touch of vitality to a terrace supper.

Thanks to it soft edges, the cover adheres perfectly to the rim, guaranteeing optimal sealing: foods stay fresh and no odours escape. While the transparent window in the cover means the contents are always clearly visible.

Frogoverre Fun means versatility: these containers can be used in the freezer, in the fridge or in the microwave for quick heating. Just take off the cover and viol: lunch is served! Flavours maintain their natural fragrance, there’s no need to clean the microwave and all it takes is a turn in the dishwasher and the Frigoverre Fun glass food storage containers are absolutely ready for use.

All the containers in the range – available in five models and three different colours – can be stacked inside one another to save space and have a special easy-opening system. Plus they have a customisable space on the surface, reserved for you and your notes.

And for those who like to take their glass food storage containers wherever they go, Bormioli Rocco offers a free mini-carrier bag for every set of three Frigoverre Fun containers purchased.


Apr 27

Appetizing Food for Gout That You Should Eat

Can food for gout be lovable foods as well? Most diet programs can be a chore to follow, often they do not entail the most pleasurable foods. However, if you have health issues like arthritis, a may want to begin living a healthier lifestyle. In that case, your diet is fundamental. While diet food usually isn’t very obliging, I’ll give you some food suggestions that you’re sure to adore.

The main course on the menu of “must have” foods for gout is Jerk salmon. Fish in the form of fillets of Alaskan sockeye salmon is marinated in lime juice and jerk. Rub it in over while you make up the stew. The stew is made up of sliced okra, corn, tomato, oregano, pepper, and other seasonings. Fry up the fish for only a little while before you add and cook it in the stew. It’s best when served with garlic bread or crackers.

Since desserts also can be part of your diet for treating gout and hard to disregard. I suggest you try the French bread filled with mango. Basically, you soak the bread in a mixture of French toast, then put in a baking dish. Top the slices of bread with slices of mango or puree, then sprinkle with raw sugar. Top with another slice of bread with a sprinkle of breadnut topping. Lastly, bake in the oven after you sprinkle melted butter on the bread. How exciting of a dessert does this sound? You can include this in your gout diet food menu with no worry. You may be wondering if this is really a diet plan. Yes, it is indeed!

How would you like a yogurt and cucumber shake? This addition is a unique menu item. Basically, you mix low-fat yogurt, cucumber, fresh mint, garlic and salt together. You might

Apr 27

How Restaurant Tables And Chairs Are Significant In Food Business

There is certainly no doubt in the proven fact that taste of food and the class of formula is the primary thing when it comes to the business done by a restaurant.Individuals always remember the place where they had been supplied tasty food even if they visited there once in their life. Anyways it isn’t true that only excellence and essence of food makes a restaurant competes and could become the accomplishment of a food business. Now a days, fashion and style are injected into each and every area of life and the meals businesses aren’t an exception in this account. Individuals not only like but expect to be served in a fashionable environment with style and luxury present in all the particulars. For instance, clients expect to be served in high-priced utensils and supplied with comfy restaurant tables and chairs. They also pick a restaurant where they discover a well groomed and delightful atmosphere.

Have a look on the other aspect of your restaurant; are you providing the required degree of comfort to your clients. Restaurant tables and chairs are accountable more for the relax degree of your place. Consumers estimate the value or class of a restaurant from the appearance of its tables and chairs. Low quality furniture would be talking to your customers that you are dealing in cheap food stuff. Restaurant furniture acts a necessary task in the food business. Each and every customer will use your furniture or at least see it. Customers coming to your restaurant may be there for the sake of take away but need to sit while waiting for the food to get packed. People who come with the intention of consuming also use to take a seat on your restaurant tables and chairs.

It’s right that you need to

Apr 26

Great Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

Few people realize the importance of designing the interior of their business premises, however the interior of the business can determine how successful the business is. This becomes more obvious when you look at the design of restaurants. When people enter a restaurant the very first thing that they will notice is the dcor.
Most restaurants with the exception of McDonalds and other fast food joints create a very warm and inviting environment which makes people feel warm and comfortable. The dcor is only part of the ambience, which is also created by the smell and the quality of the service provided.
The ambience of the restaurant can make or break any restaurant, even if the food is prepared very carefully it can taste horrible if the interior design of the restaurant is not very nice. Many restaurants try to make their interior design suit everyone, however this isn’t possible. These people should only really be trying to please their desired customer base. If you appeal to a certain type of customer then hopefully your client base will continue to grow.
The interior design of the restaurant should be in line with the expectations of their customers. For example a 1950’s diner theme will never work in a Chinese Restaurant. It might draw in the punters to start off with because it’s a novelty, however this will soon wear off and people will soon start to question the mismatch of designs. If you have a Chinese restaurant then you should decorate it and make it feel as Chinese as possible.
In order to get the best feel you need to hire professional decorators, this will make it possible to decorate the restaurant properly so that you are able to draw in the customers. Eating out should

Apr 26

The Benefits Of Plastic Food Packaging

From condiments to fresh meats, frozen vegetables to dried pasta, plastic food packaging comes in many different forms and serves various purposes. The benefits of plastic food packaging go beyond a simple container used to ship and store products. With today’s advanced technology and the growing need for more eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, plastic food packaging has come a long way. Not only does plastic allow food to be stored in numerous locations and climates, but it also helps to keep consumers safe, preserve food quality and even reduce waste.

With foods being imported from various parts of the globe to your neighborhood grocery store, there is a growing concern over how fresh the foods remain upon arriving on the store shelves. By packaging foods in plastic, the products keep food fresh through travel and storage. Fresh produce, beverages and even dairy products can remain fresh in plastic packaging even when transported long distances, ensuring consumers are safe from bacteria and foodborne illness.

Food Quality:
Besides keeping food safe from bacteria and spoilage, plastic packaging helps to preserve food quality, as well. Freezer bags, for example, protect foods against freezer burn and ice crystals. Plastic packaging also works as a barrier against negative effects on food quality caused by exposure to moisture or oxygen. By keeping food protected and sealed in plastic packaging, flavors, textures and other quality components remain preserved.

Shelf Life:
Today’s consumers are often concerned with many foods’ shelf lives, as foods that stay fresher for longer periods of time are more convenient options that can also help reduce food costs. New technology in plastic packaging, such as multilayer package applications, help prolong the shelf life of foods such as beer, ketchup and milk. Many foods, including cooked poultry and baked goods, require

Apr 25

Different Food Habits Of India

India is known for the variety of itsde delicious delicacieslicious delicacies, its innumerable spices and delicious mouth-watering flavours. Food and the different ways of preparing those dishes have dominated Indian houses since many decades. It is said that an Indian woman spends most of her time in the kitchen to prepare food and various dishes for her family.

India is a vast country and it has different food habits in the every corner of the world. This food habits are evolved due to the different food availability and climate of the region. Different kinds of oils are used in different region also. In the northern and eastern side mostly mustard oil or desi ghee is used. In the west, the people make their cuisines with the cotton seed oil or groundnut oil. The sesame seed oil which is also known as gingelly oil is used in Maharashtra and the people of southern region are more into coconut oil.

With time and tide many different innovations has discovered and people has changed their taste. Everyone loves to taste the food from every corner of the world. Nowadays in a single state you can find not only various cuisines of India but you can also get to taste Italian food, Chinese food, Thai Food, Continental food, and many other variants from different parts of the world.

India has an amazing assortment of vegetables and fruits which helps in adding flavor to the food. In different regions the vegetables are prepared with different seasonings and spices. Generally North Indians prepare food with a base of onions, garlic, gingers and tomatoes which add a tangy flavor to the food. In eastern side fish is quite famous and people love to gorge upon fish and rice in every time they eat. There are different kinds

Apr 23

Italian Fast Food Restaurants – A Successful Venture

With quickly increasing middle class population, transforming standards of living, rise in nuclear families predominantly in urban India, exposure to international media as well as Western food and growing number of women joining the workforce have had a great impact on the eating habits of people in India. It all has directed us to a new era of eating and that is fast food

India is blessed by means of one of the fastest promising fast food markets of the world. Approximately all the major fast food brand names of the world like Pizza Hut have been successful in creating their existence in the country and the majority of them are gaining considerable escalation in their business. All the famous fast food chains have chalked out extensive plans for escalating their trade.

The central causes following the achievement of these global chains is their proficiency in product improvement, sourcing performances, excellent standards, service levels and consistent working procedures in their restaurants, the strong points that these fast food restaurants have developed over years of practice around the world. These outlets also have the provision of take-away and home delivery.

Fast food outlets in India target youngsters as their main consumers. They launch array of products that can draw the youngsters interest and by aiming youths they automatically target their parents.

Pizza Huts family restaurants keeps on launching diverse kinds of items for consumption so that people of all ages, gender, income groups etc can approach and turn into a regular customer of their food line up. The success of these restaurants also lies in their affordable price points and value schemes. These Italian restaurants can be found everywhere these days be it stadiums, airports, zoos, college campuses, supermarket, petrol stations and even in big organizations canteens.

Pizza Hut is a

Apr 22

What Are The Key Food Groups To Gain Muscle

In order to gain muscle you must consume enough calories for your muscles to grow. The food that you eat should provide for energy, repair and regeneration, along with triggering growth. The main problem most people have when trying to gain muscle is that they are simply not consuming enough calories and are therefore hindering their progress.

Quality Nutrition

If you had a high performance car, would you fill it with dirty fuel? Of course you would not. So why fill your body with poor quality food like double cheese burgers and fries? In order to gain muscle and maximize potential growth your body needs high quality food, consisting of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.


Protein is needed to build muscle tissue and strength and to supply extra energy to the body during workouts. Protein can be consumed in the form of red meat, chicken, turkey, egg whites and fish. These protein sources are all easy for the body to digest and use and are all a necessary component in helping you to gain muscle.


Carbohydrates and good fats provide the body with both physical and mental energy needed when embarking on a strenuous workout program. The best sources of carbohydrate are rice, potatoes, beans, pasta, wholegrain cereals and a large variety of vegetables.

These carbohydrates all contain fiber and vitamins that the body needs for proper digestion. Not all carbohydrates however are created equally. Refined carbohydrates like bleached white flour products have lost much of their nutritional value, for example, pies, cakes and white bread all have large amounts of refined sugars and fats. These products, along with candy and fizzy drinks, should be limited as much as possible. Excessive refined sugars can be easily converted into fat and can easily hamper your attempts

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