Jul 25

Pizza Hut- A Perfect Restaurant for your Weekend Parties

Weekend is the most awaited moment for today’s working and busy families. During weekdays people search for various places where they can spend quality time together and can also enjoy delicious food. But finding such places is a tricky task and due to the same reason many people face loads of troubles during finding superior restaurants in India. There are numerous dine restaurants where people prefer to go because of the toothsome food but children do not find it interesting because of the limited variety of food of their choice. That is why finding such restaurants are bit complex where both parents as well as children can enjoy together. Today market is over stuffed with millions of restaurants. A range of restaurants is accessible from Chinese to Italian, South Indian, Mughlai, and many others. But even after the wide availability of these restaurants, people don’t get satisfied at such places. They always require a place where everyone can get foodstuff of their choice and nowadays finding such a perfect place for your family outing has become simpler with Pizza Hut. It is a wonderful place with appetizing menu that everyone loves to eat. It has an extensive range from a wide variety of pizzas to pastas, appetizers, soups, beverages, salads and desserts for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Families can also opt for special meals or combos. Pizza Hut’s Everyday Special three course meal is everyone’s all time favorite that can be enjoyed anytime anywhere. Even King Size Meals are available for huge get together of family and friends. Pizza Hut restaurants are available all over the country. At present 140 restaurants are there across 34 cities including major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Pune and many others. Pizza Hut restaurants offer delectable pizzas that are crunchy, cheesy

Jul 25

Quality And Food Safety – Problem Solving Methods

Why Should You Attend:

Nowadays we have a lot of different challenges to deal with in our business environment: innovative products, product mix, supply chain, lead time, operational cost, quality, legal requirements all of them are source of opportunities but they are source of business issues too.

Attend this webinar to learn, through problem solving method how to treat business issues related to Process, Product, Services and Customer Complaints in an effective way to prevent the reoccurrence of them. Learn best practices, how to apply problem solving methods and use tools in solving food safety and quality problems. We will showcase case studies of usage of problem solving methods.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

Part 1 Problem Solving Success Key Factors

– Defining what is a problem.
– Problem solving is a thinking process.
– Addressing influences in a thinking process.
– Creating a problem solving & continuous improvement culture.
– Good practices when applying problem solving method in Food Industry.

Part 2 Problem Solving Steps & Tools

– Difference between Method and Tool.
– Problem solving Method in six steps.
– Root cause analysis.
– Tools to use with problem solving method.
– Examples of Problem Solving Method application in Food Industry.

Who Will Benefit:

This webinar will provide valuable assistance to Food Industry.Those that would benefit most would be:

– Operations Managers
– Quality Assurance Managers
– Quality Assurance Coordinators
– Quality Assurance Analysts
– R&D Managers
– Researchers

Instructor Profile:

Andre Staedele, having 16 years of experience in Quality and Productivity Initiatives like: ISO 9001, Food / Feed Safety Systems, Good Manufacturing Practices, Process & Excellence Benchmarking (World Class Manufacturing) and Lean Sigma Project Management and implementation in Multi-business / Multi-site: Grain, Oilseed Processing,

Jul 23

What Makes A Good Restaurant Supervisor

Challenging as it may seem, becoming a good restaurant supervisor can be achieved. The key to that is understanding the three major roles of supervisors. First, they put into action the steps needed to achieve the owners’ or managers’ objectives. Second, they handle day-to-day operations in the restaurant making sure that all concerns are well-attended to. And third, they manage the restaurant staff delegating specific objectives and tasks. Several books and articles have already been written about this but here’s a simple guide to improve your performance.

Understand the workings of the industry. Be in the know of current trends and innovations especially with regards to improving operational efficiency. Have a clear understanding of who your competitors are and evaluate your performance based on industry benchmarks.

Focus on customer experience. Supervising a restaurant is all about ensuring a satisfying dining experience for you customers. Prioritize their needs above anything else.

Develop good communication skills and a pleasing personality. As supervisor, you will deal with many different people every day. Being so, you need to represent your restaurant well not only to project an outstanding company image but to make whoever it is that you are talking to feel that you can be trusted, that you understand their concerns, and that you will be as professional as you can be with them.

Learn to delegate. Employees given sufficient and challenging responsibilities become empowered and consequently, more motivated. Delegating tasks to your subordinates allows you to focus more on supervising giving you a clearer mind to identify problem areas and aspects needing improvement.

Lead by example. Practice what you preach and exhibit the highest level of work ethics yourself. Through this, you will be able to command your staff’s respect and influence their actions with greater ease.

Motivate your subordinates. Regularly

Jul 23

How Chinese Food Pleases Picky Eaters

Going out to dinner and finding Edmonton restaurants that can seat a large group of people and offer something on the menu that everyone will enjoy comes down to being able to satisfy the wants of all people in a party. Going to eat Chinese food allows all of the diners to enjoy a selection of popular Asian dishes that are appetizing and very affordable. Starting out with a base of white or ham fried rice, diners that are looking to a delicious meal can choose from a number of different entrees that feature pork, chicken or beef. Adding in seasonings and spices that deliver an unmistakable flavor of the Orient to their dining experience, many people that are debating over what to eat from dinner can all agree on the appetizing selections of Chinese food that are available from the wide range of Edmonton restaurants.

Balancing every meal with a variety of vegetables and meats, Chinese food has become a favorite for many people that are going out to dinner. With such exotic choices of orange or lemon and ginger chicken; beef and broccoli; Chow Mein, dim sum, and spring rolls, there is always something on the menu that can make the taste buds tingle and mouths water. Preparing dishes that are made for sharing many people enjoy ordering portions that are ala carte and sampling many different flavors of the Chinese food that makes up the dinner choice. Filling up on the amazing dishes that provide for a tasty yet well balanced meal, many people that are going out to eat are choosing Chinese food from among the varied choices of the Edmonton restaurants that are available to them.

Rice Restaurant Guide and Search Engine provides information and reviews on all of your favorite Edmonton restaurants.()

Jul 21

Best Fast Food Nutrition Choices

In this society, people are always on the go. It can be hard to find quality, healthy foods that are cheap and easy. A nutritionist Brooklyn can help clients plan ahead, but even in New York City, it is possible to be left with only fast food options. Following these tips will can help a diner make the best choices.

The first, and most important, thing to keep in mind is calories. Choose a meal with 500 calories or less. Drinking diet soda or water will help keep these calories in check. Smaller sandwiches, such as a cheeseburger, will also help lower the calorie count. Chili is also a great choice. Choosing a side of fruit, salad or a baked potato will also help lower the calorie count. The next thing to look for in a healthy, fast food dollar meal is fiber. Fiber is indigestible so it leaves the diner filling full without adding calories. Value menu choices with plenty of fiber include bean burritos, salad, fruit and baked potatoes.

Ensuring enough protein is another important aspect. Look to get 10 to 25 percent of calories from protein when eating fast food. In a 500 calorie meal, this means between 50 and 125 calories should come from protein. Each gram of protein has four calories, so a fast food meal should contain 12 to 31 grams of protein. Good options for quality protein include grilled chicken wraps, cheeseburgers, bean burritos and chili.

The final thing that must be kept in mind when choosing a healthy fast food meal is fat. The meal should be as low in fat as possible. No more than 30 percent of the calories in a meal should come from fat. In a 500 calorie meal, this equals 150 calories or 17 grams of

Jul 21

Paradisus Palma Real Offers Luxury New Royal Service Lounge, Restaurant And Spa

The Paradisus Palma Real has completed its renovations and upgrades and is offering a luxurious experience for tourists. The all inclusive Caribbean resort has added 110 Royal Service Suites to its existing offerings, plus a brand new Royal Service Lounge that features a private waterside Italian restaurant and is exclusive for Royal Service guests to enjoy throughout Dominican Republic holidays.

The two-storey Royal Service Lounge has a library with books, magazine, CDs and DVDs, wireless internet, and complimentary access to iPads, as well as breathtaking ocean views.

When Royal Service guests arrive to their holidays in the Dominican Republic, they will be greeted by staff with welcome drinks and cold towels at Punta Cana International Airport. Visitors will then be taken to Paradisus Palma Real via private transfer.

During holidays to the Dominican Republic, tourists can enjoy luxury amenities in Royal Service Suites including Jacuzzis, 32-inch flat screen televisions, iPod docking stations, Expresso coffee machines, mini-bars, and Thierry Mugler bath products.

There is a personal butler for every six Royal Service Suites who is on hand to offer dedicated service to guests throughout their stay.
The ECO Spa offers a relaxing environment for treatments including massages, facials, and body wraps, plus two hot tubs, steam room and sauna, a pool with hydrotherapy, cold plunge pool and a pediluvio foot bath.

Il Palazzo is the newest dining outlet to be added to Royal Service and the restaurant offers exquisite cuisine courtesy of Executive Chef Mario Crespi. Guests can enjoy exclusive access to the white sand Royal Service beach area and the new Juice Bar and the resort’s main lagoon-style swimming pool has a designated Royal Service area with complimentary sun cream, Wi-Fi, sunglass cleaning, and fresh fruit and sorbets.

Alvaro Tejeda Schroeder, the Senior Vice President for Melia Hotels International

Jul 20

Buying A Food Steamer – What To Look For

Eating healthy and cutting down on kitchen work is something that is easily accomplished through the use of a food steamers. These devices come in several sections and feature a base that houses all of the controls and then a chamber where the water is placed. On top of this, multiple plastic containers or trays go on top which is where the food is steamed. Food steamers are not as quick as using microwaves, but the food will certainly taste better and be healthier.

When looking for the right steamer, there are a number of key factors that should be considered. As with most things in life not all food steamers are created equal and spending a bit of time researching the various models and options will give you a better chance of buying a food steamer which you use regularly and lasts you a long time.

The Controls

Steamer will either come with basic dial controls or have digital controls. A digital model will usually have more features and is better to purchase. With a digital unit, you are usually able to set very specific temperatures and times and also have the ability to set up a timer for the cooking. Digital models are usually not much more expensive than the ones that feature a dial.

Easy to Fill

Water is used to steam the food, so having a base that is easy to fill is best. The sign of a good model would be one that has easy to read water indicators and also comes with a way to fill up the tank when the unit is on. If you need to steam something for a long time, water may need to be added. Having to take off the food trays to do this

Jul 20

How To Keep Your Food Warm With A Food Warmer

When you work in catering you know the importance of keeping the food youve worked hard to prepare warm. However, if youve ever gone shopping for a food warmer you may have become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of machines there are on the market for keeping your food hot. If youve ever felt clueless about food warmers, what they do, and which ones will work best for you below is a list to get you started in the crowded world of food warmers.

Full Sized Warmers are the large food warmers that you often find at large events or hotel banquets. They hold large pans of food in place while hot water is placed in the bottom pan to keep the food hot and moist. Some full size warmers are quite big and designed to hold more than one full-sized pan of food. Other units are smaller. When you purchase a full sized warmer keep in mind that the warmer itself only holds hot water; you will need to buy the pans to hold the food separately.

If you plan to offer a lot of food, such as at a buffet, then you might want to invest in heated shelves which can keep food warm for long periods of time. Heated shelves are different from full size warmers since you dont have to worry about filling trays of hot water. They come in different sizes, and they are offered with different wattage points; bigger shelves need more wattage.

Another warmer type that utilizes water to heat foods is a round countertop food warmer. These types of food warmers are used for soups, gravies, and other liquid-based foods. You simply place hot water into the round countertop warmer and place a separate insert holding the food inside.

Jul 17

Diwan – The Best Halal food Restaurant

Gone are the days when the best halal restaurants only referred to Pakistani or Middle Eastern food. Diwan Restaurant is keeping up with the demand for diverse cuisine, quality ingredients and modern ambiance. From authentic Thai to classic comfort food, we are offering more choice than ever before by any halal food restaurant. From breakfast to salads, to appetizers, to desserts, to entrees, to sandwiches and juice bars.

As Muslims are spread all over the world. A huge percentage of Muslims in the world are concerned about the food they consume. Canada is a country which is full of well-established restaurants, but Muslims as being halal consumer demand to know the Halal status of foods they purchase from the market.

Halal certification is very important to Muslim consumers as these are based more than just set standards on how food is produced but is additionally because on Islam dietary requirements of the Islamic dietary requirements.

Diwan restaurant offers certified products which feature the Halal symbol H in triangle appears on many food products as well as ingredients.

Diwan restaurant is proud to be one of the best Halal food restaurants. Our food items are totally halal. When a Restaurant goes under the process of Halal Certification, its ensured that the restaurant is providing food which is according to the laws and teachings of Islam and people who observe Islamic laws can eat it without any problem. Diwan restaurant Brings its customer a menu full of verity and taste some of our menu items are:

Flafal Plate Special Flafal Plate, Regular price is $8.99.Special Price $6.99
Chicken Tawook Plate Special Chicken Tawook Plate, Regular price is $13.99, Special price $10.99
Kabab Plate Special Kabab Plate, Regular Price is $11.99. Special price $9.99
Shawarma Plate Special shawarma plate,

Jul 11

A Top Restaurant in Birmingham

Being a top restaurant Birmingham, this restaurant understands the importance of great food and drinks, fantastic service, and stimulating company in achieving the perfect lunch or dining ambience. They pride themselves on providing the best ingredients to ensure that your lunch or dinner is of the finest standard it can possibly be. Conveniently they are located between Coventry and Birmingham with a stunning view of an 18 holed golf course which is guaranteed to take your breath away. They ensure a relaxed and comfortable setting to forget all of your day’s stresses within. The cosy environment has the warming ambience of home without any of the washing up!

An outstanding view is not the only attribute of a top restaurant Birmingham. The service should also be second to none, and they provide a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to complement their delightful menu. So whether you are lunching with a friend or booking for a romantic meal, they have the ideal menu to suit both your culinary and beverage predilection.

Their high standards are established through an extensive knowledge of drinks and food. They have a thorough understanding of the relationship between the two aspects of dining, and the complimentary effect they contribute towards one another.

Wines are a key example of this. Many restaurants do not comprehend the significant relationship between food and drink and therefore cannot offer expert advice on the best wines to suit certain dishes. For instance the outstanding Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc is a great Chilean Wine from the Casablanca Valley. Traditionally renowned for their red wines, the white wines are commonly overlooked. The lovely and refreshing notes of melon, mango and peach are perfect for fish dishes in order to enhance the delicate seafood flavours.

If you are not

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